Best anti-Trump, anti-Republican, anti-Tory, etc. music from 2017


Anyone find anything good, whether direct or indirect? Like most people I’m in a constant state of anger / fear, and some more music would help (or realistically, wind me up even more but at least put a soundtrack to it).

The Hand - Volume 3 EP - This short four song EP was recorded four days before Trump’s inauguration and is relentless start to finish. If it were full length it probably would have been my AOTY.

The World Is a Beautiful Place - Always Foreign - There’s a genuine anger lurking throughout this one, and if you were turned off by their previous albums I’d highly recommend giving them another shot. “Fuzz Minor” is pure tense venom in the best way.

And then of course Protomartyr and Priests too, my #1 and #2 albums of the year that I’ve already probably written way too much about in other threads. And not to start a fight: Turtleneck



Beat me to it :blush:


I recognized the name but somehow had never heard them, that was fantastic.


All of it



Strange Bones like a bit of anti Tory rhetoric. Their merch has stuff like ‘Teresa is a Terrorist’ emblazoned across it.


Mavis Staples - If All I Was Was Black. When Mavis Staples is mad at you, you know you fucked up.
Joey Bada$$ - Rockabye Baby

Drive-By Truckers - American Band (OK it’s last year)
Jason Isbell - The Nashville Sound (both of those more about colonialism and police racism, but pretty pertinent).



How many bands are there called Priests or The Priests now?


Everything Everything - Big Game

Explicitly anti-trump and one of my favourite songs of the year. The whole album is about the current political climate as well.



"We will bring a close to your supremecy,
Put an end to your illegitimate power.
You are a thorn in the side of the honest,
A blight on the lives of the good.
Moral outrage is again betrayed
By the comfort of calm.
Filth, filth, filth will be the cry;
So that you are dehumanised!

Every time you turned your guns on civil rights,
Every time you told a rape victim she lied,
Every single pig, every single time,
Is the guardian of privilege,
And an enemy of mine.

For some of you we’ll just blame the system,
Some of you will be given a chance,
But once this nightmare is over
You’ll no longer be able to blame circumstance."

*Edit: shit this isn’t from 2017! Ah well their new one “Unlawful Assembly” came out this year


GNOD: just say no to the psycho right wing capitalist
Fascist industrial death machine