Best avatar contest (rolling)



penoid takes an early lead


I like mine, and I’d like to thank @ericthefourth for coming up with it.


Yours is the worst


I tried to think of the thing that would annoy you the most


Yeah, it’s definitely penoid

It’s tempted me to change mine to a pic of Monty but that would be blatant content theft


enjoying @harru’s


I have realised it looks a bit like that photo of the diseased nipple thing from a few years ago that completely freaks me out


The guy in mine cheers me up anytime i see him


Don’t remind of that! Argh!


Question is: should you be able to use a KOM jersey as an avatar even if you never won that classification?


strava KOMs count


if i thought you were actually gonna use it i’d have done a better job tbh, the E is janky as fuck


You’re right, it’s terrible! I hate you!


Going to be annoying when people decide to change them though, isn’t it.


lotus boob!!! classic DiS


Slowly we unfurl


I’d like to put myself forward!!!


Big fan of Stevie Mac.


Cheers HYG for my first like <3 have one back in return


Great choice