Best backing vocals


Is it Midnight Train To Georgia? It is isn’t it?


Is this just going to be a thread about Kim Deal? Because it probably should be.


Whole album really


always loved the backing vocals on the night they drove old dixie down


I was thinking Mike Mills




Lots of Matt Sharp’s contributions to Weezer. Often in a falsetto but mixed well on records so it wasn’t overbearing



It’s Think by Aretha innit


Or I Say A Little Prayer, which is basically 90% BVs?


in the chorus maybe? not as a whole?

I just love the punctuation of the BVs in Think mixed with their actual contribution to the lyrics. “Jus’a Child!” So fucking joyous


The Band in general, m9.


Young Americans with Luther Vandross on backing vocals.


Near Wild Heaven was the first thing I thought of when I saw the thread title


Or Satellite of Love with Bowie on backing vocals


These Days <3



Yeah the interplay between the backing and lead really makes this a truly great song rather than a really good one for me.


If we’re talking Graceland, I’d say Diamonds on the Soles of her Shoes or I Know What I Know. Backing vocals in those are stunning.