Best band you've seen live that you don't think anyone on DiS has seen?

Hammering through my iTunes with some beers and just been reminded of Mama Rosin. Fucking incredible Swiss Cajun band who made their own hot sauce. If anyone knows of the label/shop, Les Disques Bongo Joe, the guy who runs it was their squeezebox player! All hail Celtic Connections’ late night sessions for introducing them to me!

Anyone got any good random bands they’ve seen over the years that might have not made it on to DiS before?

Not totally obscure - they had a song on Guitar Hero I think and even played Conan - but maybe there’s a chance no one else here has seen Burning Brides? They were incredible live back in the day, pretty much the reason I started my own band.

It’s a crime that they weren’t bigger, it makes no sense.

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Bridie Jackson and the Arbour (sadly now defunct)

Mick O’Toole

The Winchell Riots

Django Spears


I’ve seen the Winchell Riots

Atom Tree, maybe.

Probably a number of acts I’ve seen because of Reading Festival, but idk. Like have other DiSers seen Griff or Holly Humberstone?

Ventolin maybe? Doesn’t play out of the Czech Rep much

Have I?!?

No I haven’t



Natasha Hamiltom


Thought you might have!

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Billy Joel

Never got to see them but what an album Fall of the Plastic Empire was!

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Never was a voracious gig goer so most of my gigs would be hugely popular acts here. Of actual top line gigs I wouldn’t guess many have seen Bristol jazz act Get the Blessing, whose biggest claim to fame is just some members having sessioned for Portishead.

Which Eternal?


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Some early 90s options:


It was a radio one roadshow in 1994, but I’m fairly certain it was both of them together

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