Best band you've seen live that you don't think anyone on DiS has seen?

I saw Shudder To Think at the much missed Duchess of York in Leeds on that Pony Express Record Tour. Feckin awesome :grinning:


I saw Winchell Riots!

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I’ve seen Mama Rosin! At a festival (probably Bearded Theory) round about 2014ish? They were ace.

Have any other DiSsers ever seen Poisoned Electrick Head? They caused my DNA to spontaneously reassemble itself one night at the Wango Riley Travelling Stage in the early 90s

Hayley Kiyoko

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Another 90s option - Anastasia Screamed


Let’s read the thread title properly next time

I’d say maybe eX-Girl, the crazy all female Japanese band who thought they were aliens from the Planet Kero Kero, but they were supporting Tomahawk and I assume a few would have seen that tour

Pete Box. Saw him supporting somebody, I can’t remember, and thought he’s gonna be massive!

I think he was in that band Swimming too.


Anyone watch X at the breeders ATP? Seem to remember seeing in the programme or somewhere that it was their first UK show, after nearly 30 years. Dunno if they’ve played since. Was great fun

Saw 3 times, totally loved Anastasia screamed!

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Thin White Rope
Bitch Magnet

Actually probably a few people have seen these, but they are 90s faves gigs of mine.

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I saw Codeine on the White Birch tour. I didn’t see Bitch Magnet but I did see Seam.


Such a great album. One of the best drum sounds I’ve ever heard too, there’s something so menacing about the snare at the end of Arctic Snow and when the Plastic Empire outro suddenly shifts gears.

2001 had that whole “rock revival” narrative going on (a BS narrative, it never went away), it’s weird how the album didn’t launch them into the mainstream. He had so many great riffs and wasn’t afraid to use up a lot of them in one song.

Well, I didn’t see seam. So maybe it’s a draw?

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Pink Floyd

Saw Chris Brokaw solo supporting Evan Dando back in the early 00s. Had never heard of Codeine but he was great


Noooo, real failure of the website if only one of us has seen her

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Does it really count if @Gnometorious was there too?