Best band you've seen live that you don't think anyone on DiS has seen?

Seen Winchell Riots many times. Never loved them as much as Fell City Girl though

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For me I would say @Gnometorious definitely counts as somebody on DiS


Saw codeine at prima without knowing any of their music and loved their performance


Annie Christian?

Well that’s just plain unfair, how are meant to not see the best artists?

Nothing extraordinary really, just ones I suspect maybe others haven’t seen.

Boy Harsher
Chad VanGaalen
Second Still
Kikagaku Moyo
Daryl Hall & John Oates (it was 2016 so nothing to brag about)
Three Mile Pilot
Dead Voices on Air
The Legendary Pink Dots

Leaving out some more obscure shit that’s pointless to add.

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Both very good bands one of them is a very old friend of mine

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Seen both of these! Boo ya!

Twice for KM

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Would have loved to have seen Codeine and Seam. I was only listening to Seam last night as it goes. Given Codeine are playing at the Numero event in LA Feb there is perhaps a sliver of hope they will make it across the pond


I saw Life Without Buildings live twice. Actually would be a bit sad if I’m the only one.

How about Papier Tigre. Feel like @marckee saw them too.

Anyway, great band

We put on Papier Tigre! You may have even seen them at our gig.

(they also played ATP a few days later)

I actually almost said I thought you put them on but I think I didn’t manage to make many of your ones, sadly.

99% sure I only saw them once in the Buffalo Bar, at a Silver Rocket related show but really hard to recall after all this time.

Seen im

The Jennifers

Their drummer was especially great. Whatever happened to them I wonder?


Ogre You Asshole, saw them support Why? in Tokyo

Shangaan Electric, at Bring to Light

The Rhythm Method, think every time they’ve been in Birmingham

K.Flay in the first album tour with just a Nic on drums, saw.mkst of the UK shows early on.

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Honestly, one of the best gigs I’ve ever been to. I saw him at wrigley field. I was maybe 20 rows back, I reckon he liked my dancing.

My exes’ aunt somehow bagged some insanely pricey tickets. I have no idea how she paid for them. Must just love the Piano Man.

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MFC Chicken

My mate played drums in a band called Teddy so I saw them quite a few times. One time in particular at Hope & Anchor they were fucking incredibly good.

I once saw Vengaboys perform at a student night in Ministry of Sound. Not one of the best gigs but I’d love to know who else on DiS has seen them. I should point out that this wasn’t a random night I went out on as a student. We were in our mid-twenties and went to the night specifically because we wanted to see Vengaboys.

Tonight I went to see Meute. I can easily believe others DiSers have seen them, maybe evening at Brixton Academy a few hours ago?

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Apparently the guitarist went on to direct a few music videos, or something…

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