Best bands/artists who only made 1 or 2 albums


only half points for people who would’ve made 3+ were it not for a death like Jeff Buckley & Nirvana.

Thread made because I’m listening to Girls for the first time in ages.




Wild Flag




ikara colt. always said every band should split after 5 years, and stuck to their word. heroic, even if that 5 years thing is definitely wrong (Kid A, david comes to life, singles, everything by the national etc etc.)


Late of the Pier
Sona Fariq


My Vitriol




Rites of Spring
The Germs
Minor Threat


Joy Division.
Meet Me In St Louis.
Lift To Experience.

There must be loads more but without my library in front of me it’s hard to remember.


young marble giants
the sea urchins


Big Black (a few EPs as well though)


Dananananaykroyd - though the first album was a lot better than the second.


digable planets, but i’ve got a feeling they’re gonna release another gamechanger next year
jay reatard solo :frowning:
emmanuelle parrenin
sibylle baier and all the other ones that have been rediscovered more recently


Scratch Acid


Jay Reatard sob:






X-Ray Spex