Best bands that people have lazily compared to Radiohead

Yeah, I bought that first jj72 album and saw them at Reading, which involved some horrible sexist shouts, but never enjoyed them very much.

More age of adz then kid a

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I made that comparison and I’ll stand by it for two reasons:

  1. At least in parts of the record, seamless melding of his sound with current electronic music. Age of Adz, as mentioned above, was folktronica but it’s just sort of cheesy synths rather than any attempt to reconcile with underground music (works with what Sufjan’s doing though). In that sense Bon Iver echoes Radiohead absorbing the Warp influences into their own sound on Kid A.

  2. Bon Iver is loved by a load of basics who otherwise listen to Ed Sheeran and Mumford and Sons and at least some stuff on 22, a Million will be way out of the left field for them and might encourage them to look at other music (as Kid A did for many casuals listening to it at the time).

Obviously, the record neither sounds like Kid A nor is as good as it. But the similarities are for other reasons.

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“The wood knockers Radiohead”



The Beatles

The Pineapple Thief.

But the fact they sound so much like Radiohead is the reason I don’t like them at all.

They have 1 good song,

Martin Grech


Yeah, although apparently only 1 of them left!

What happened after those those three albums?

I hear a lot of ‘folktronica’ and most importantly glitch in both recored. What I am saying id that 22, a Million is not a reinvention but a masquerading a making his still very distinctive sound more covered up and making those melodies still there but more elusive.

They also have stylistic similarities lots of glitch/auto-tune and all that.

just died laughing

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RIP @ericthefourth


literally any indie artist using drum loops/being vaguely electronic = instant Kid A comparisons.

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Muse got good when the Radiohead comparisons ended.

Someone posted a video on here a while ago of a song that was so ridiculously Bends-era Radiohead it was silly. Sounded a bit like Just?

Named after an OK Computer B-side and sounding like a lower-tier Bends B-side, it’s Palo Alto with their 2002 smash hit single, Fade Out/In:

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maybe Tripwires?:

I didn’t know until recently that one of the guys is in Ulrika Spacek.

That’s it – hilarious. Nothing like Just, mind.

Sounds a bit like Starsailor too.

I don’t think anyone’s ever tried to sell me on Kent without referring to them as ‘a Swedish Radiohead’…