Best basic foodstuff to eat

I’ve just eaten a slice of roast turkey, all by itself. It was noticeably nice.

Which relatively unprocessed foodstuff is the best to just ram in your gob on its own?


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Corn on the cob


I don’t like sweetcorn, but that still seems like a good shout from what I hear.

Are you saying you just eat raw mushrooms?

Prob fruit


No, but I’m assuming you cook your turkey first too :grinning:

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I was expecting to get checkmated quite fast here, but I didn’t see that one coming. :clap:

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OK so are you saying you just eat a plate of cooked mushrooms then? If so, cooked how?

if i’m feeling like i haven’t had any fruit or vegetables in days then i’ll sometimes down a bag of raw carrots

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I’ve been getting fat lately, so the other week I vowed to do something about my health dammit! About the only thing I did was that for a few days I’d take a raw carrot out with me on the way to work and eat it on the walk to the station.


Pumpkin spice latte

The actual answer is a crisp red apple, cheers

I sometimes get a box of mushrooms from the Chinese or Indian. Just mushrooms, not cooked with anything else. I assume they’re fried?

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The best thing to eat raw and uncooked is “Frozen Peas”

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Baguette, could eat a whole one without any form of spread or topping quite easily.


Carrot, or bread

I LOVE raw mushrooms


Bit squeamish about letting bread in as unprocessed, but then I was expecting cheese to feature.

A handful.

I’ve said this before but when I was a much younger man, I would request an eggcup full of frozen peas from my dear, dear Mother as she prepared dinner. If I was a lucky boy she would oblige this request.

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