Best Batmobile

What a meanie!

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Check out french-wife here, flexing his gallic know how.




Alfred basically serves tea and tells Batman not to do anything fun, no way he’s rolling his sleeves up to do anything useful.

Same with Mickey Caine in the film. Kind of wanted Bruce to accuse him of lying.

“When I was serving abroad, Master Wayne-”

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That’s homme chauve-souris to you


No, I sleep in a big bed with your wife.

“Why don’t you Special Force your way back up the stairs and make me a cheese toastie, thanks.”

Though I’m now getting mixed messages

I’m glad that video is 59 seconds long

It is quite funny to think about someone alerting a superhero to a potential catastrophe and him just having to nip round in the car, no matter how nob shaped it is.

Do any other superheros have hero specific cars? Is there a Hulkmobile for example

I’m not enough of a nerd to know

Oh Wonder Woman has that see through plane doesn’t she

If I was Professor X I would put myself in a car and make it fly. I would also probably stand and move my legs using only telepathy.


I would make beautiful lustrous hair grow out of my x-head

The Silver Surfer has a mode of transport I seem to recall, but I forget what.

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honestly though a cartoon image of a chrome ghost surfing through space is probably the most hippy thing of all time

It’s 1989, close thread please!

How’s the wedding planning going man?

kind of limited use surely?

I don’t really understand the silver surfer TBH

Spoiler warning!

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