Best Beatles Solo Career


In light of Paul McCartney being hugely embarrassing recently I’ve been relistening to Beatles/post-beatles stuff.

For my money it goes


for solo stuff.

All Things Must Pass is as good as any late period Beatles album and I love it to bits. Always thinking about ‘got my mind set on you’ as well.

I think McCartney is a great wee album for a fun listen and RAM is great too. I have been shouted at numerous times for improving parties by putting on the all time banger ‘Temporary Secretary’

Only listened to Ringo singles :confused: might listen to a greatest hits or something soon.

Lennon was probably my favourite songwriter in the Beatles but his solo stuff is often fucking terrible. Plastic Ono Band is a great album, probably the best Beatles solo endeavour, but everything else is so poor. Imagine has one good song (crippled inside) and his version of Jealous Guy is boring and shit compared to Donny Hathaway who actually imbues it with some meaning. What happened John???



this is terrible altogether on every level

This is maybe not as bad and embarrassing but still, pretty bad


George. End of thread.


Paul. Temporary Secretary and Band On The Run


ringo had the best simpsons appearance so him


Jet is one of the greatest rock songs of all time.

Don’t @ me.


Paul or George > John > Ringo.

George has a lot of mediocre stuff, but he also has the first two discs of All Things Must Pass.

Paul has truly embarrassing stuff, but probably the largest amount of good stuff (Ram, McCartney 1 and 2, Band on the Run).

John had some great songs and a lot of tedious, mawkish, unsubtle shite.

Ringo was Ringo.




Ringo for Thomas the Tank Engine