Best Beatles Solo Career


If I end up getting into Ringo’s solo work I’m blaming this thread


Plastic ono band is the best beatles thing post Beatles imo. So John deserves more merit on that alone then he is getting on here


why don’t people like Imagine?


Is a pretty run of the mill piano ballad but it’s not a bad song, far worse have been made by all of them.

People hate it because it’s supposedly hypocritical and pretentious. But really, what one of us doesn’t dream of a better world without necessarily living up to the ideals we aspire to. The “I hope someday you will join us” line is a bit hard to stomach if you take it as preaching, but it might simply mean to join the dreamers.


I like that the effects of whatever drug he is taking are the same.


Weird how Harrison was the one who embraced spiritualism most but didn’t seem to get any criticism for living in a huge country estate, moaning about paying taxes and living a general playboy lifestyle.


The lyrics are annoying but its a lovely song, anyone who hates it is trying too hard



All of them (apart from Ringo) each managed one great album, a couple of decent albums and varying amounts of nonsense really didn’t they. 3-way score draw I reckon.


Weirdly, Chaos and Creation (which I still see as the “new” “bit of a comeback” McCartney album) is probably the third best album of Paul’s career.

  • Wonderful Christmastime
  • Happy Xmas (War Is Over)
  • “Actually George has a good Christmas one called ‘…’”
  • “Actually Ringo has a good Christmas one called ‘…’, peace and love, no fan mail please”

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Anyone think Paul has a Blackstar in him? Or even a Johnny Cash style late career reinvention? He seems a little too obsessed with having pop hits tbh but it would be nice to think he has a truly great later life album in him.


George recorded the best post-Beatles album in All Things Must Pass, closely followed by John Lennon/Plastic Ono Band, but John had the best/most interesting body of work overall.


The solo material is all a bit of a let down when compared to what the Beatles were doing, isn’t it? Few gems but nowhere near the level of output or consistency they hit over those years. None of them really made themselves a star in their own right.


God damn, I hope so.


No, I do not. Too much of a cheeseball


Johns career is definitely the most disappointing because he released 1 (one) decent album before going off the deep end into schmaltz. George really came into his own on ATMP which is at least on par with the classic run of Beatles albums


Absolutely not


this came up on youtube yesterday and it’s pretty great

George playing slide on a sonic blue strat and Klaus Voormann looking, well, relaxed


There’s a 90-min doc about the making of the Imagine record on All 4 at the moment that this is from.

Worth a watch - there’s a nice scene of George, John, Klaus and Phil Spector (wearing a three piece suit and sunglasses indoors) among others having breakfast before the session. Lovely stuff.


ooo I need to watch this, thanks