Best Beatles Solo Career

Revolution in the Head suggests it never existed

It is a great book, I read it at 17 when I 1st properly started really listening to the Beatles, although at that point I didn’t have access to all the records so had to revisit it again as I got them all

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McCartney 3 is coming out soon

Why, has the first doppelganger died?


Have been watching some interviews with Geoff Emerick tonight, he comes across as a very honest man. The techniques he describes here are amazing, and it emphasizes how much of the magic of the records was generated by the technicians behind the Beatles

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Keep getting annoyed that their name is the worst pun ever

Listened to some of the solo Lennon stuff I never got around to before. ‘Sometime in New York City’ must be one of the most tortuous albums released by a musician on his level. I don’t even want to think about that track

We All Stand Together is a good song

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This is so wrong about Ram though!


Often forget how much of a 10/10 banger band on the run is


Trying to listen to the entire wings/Paul Ouvre in the coming weeks. Already on Venus and Mars, and oh boy does this man have some very bad instincts. Some of it is reminding me of ‘A Night at the Opera’ by Queen, though Venus and Mars was recorded first. Anyway, I imagine I will not actually get through the whole discography

I tried to do that a while back. Didn’t make it all the way, got stuck somewhere in the 90s I think. Got a good playlist out of picking a couple tracks from each album though

Instinct is the key to McCartney — he will chase down his first idea, which is so often brilliant but occasionally quite bad. Sometimes you get Yesterday or Let Me Roll It, sometimes you get Spies Like Us. He can’t help himself either way.

I happen to like almost all of Venus and Mars. Not as strong as Band on the Run, but a lot better than Speed of Sound. Two deservedly huge singles on that, but it took the faux democracy of Wings too far in having each member sing a song.


Been salivating over the mono vinyl box set which now goes for £1500. Might get the cd set which is going for £100 :roll_eyes:

Seems crazy the mono mixes aren’t widely available if that’s what they spent the most time on in the studio, even if only for historical reasons.

I have a bunch of mono pressings from the 60s that cost considerably considerably less than that box set

For example revolver mono second pressing for £50 is the most I’ve spent

I also have the CD set and it is very nice - but the (lovely) packaging actually is a barrier to me playing them much

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That’s insane.

Even if you can’t get the individual mono albums new at the moment they will get repressed soon enough won’t they.