Best Before Dates

Inspired slightly by the Cullinary Short Cuts thread:

Was making a roast on Sunday and when thinking about making some stuffing I discovered some Paxo in the back of the cupboard with a Best Before date of October 2012. I thought about it for a while, but eventually decided to bin it, but kind of regret it now - what can possibly go wrong with dried herbs?

Anyway, would you have made up and eaten dried stuffing 5 years past it’s best?
Whats the oldest thing you’ve found it your cupboards/fridge/freezer that you’ve had to throw away?
Conversely, what’s the oldest thing you’ve found and eaten?



I’m sure I’ve used herbs and spices that are a couple of years out of date. I think they just lose their potency, rather than posing any health risk.

I found a bottle of beer on top of the kitchen cupbaords that was 3 years out of date. It did not taste good, but I’m still alive!

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abide by best before and use by dates quite strictly

They’d be completely flavourless. Wouldnt make you ill, but would be like eating reconstituted dust

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I bought a giant bag of cumin 5 years ago as it was the only size they had left in the shop. The guy at the counter laughed at me and said I’d never manage to use it all. There’s still about 1/3 of it left, but I’m determined to get through it all before buying a new pack!

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So in other words I should have made it up, cooked it and enjoyed. Gotchya.

Nothing if the jar has remained shut.

Yes. Even a pot of salt has a best before date. Salt will never go off, obviously.

Two bottles of J2O, with a best before date of March 2013.

Dunno, but there is a packet of crêpes in the freezer that’s been there for about two and a half years it really needs to be eaten.

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Earlier this week I finished the last of a big bag of dried chillies that I brought back from my holiday in China. I went in 2009.


my favourites are my birthday and if you buy milk now it’s Christmas day

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Subthread, have you ever had a romantic date which would have been better had you done it before a certain date?

One year my dad was prepping the turkey on crimbo eve, was walking to the sink to wash his hands after sorting the giblets. Passed a tray of mini pork pies, grabbed one and shoved it in his gob. Immediately realised what he’d done and spent Christmas day bedbound with salmonella


Could do with some DiS advice here.

Reckon it’s fine to get the Christmas poultry delivered on Thursday to cook Monday morning?

  • That’s definitely fine
  • Light gamble
  • Don’t do it M9

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Just wash it in chlorine and you’ll be right.

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I’m detinitely going to win this thread:

It was Christmas 2012 at my inlaws and my father in law served us some dessert with custard that was made from powder that went out of date in 1999. It was fine. We finished off the last of the powder the next time the family was together some months later.


Whether you get your fresh turkey on the 20th or 24th, it will have the same best before date.

They all get collected by/delivered to the supermarket on the same day.


One of those kinds of family gathering huh


Just have a shower and put on a clean t-shirt


Ate a ready meal for lunch today 7 days past it’s date. Extra 30s in the microwave - sorted.

Was making an omelette on Sat morning and the pepper grinder was empty so rummaged in the kitchen cupboard and found a jar of ground black pepper and used that. It wasn’t until afterwards I noticed the use by date was December 2000!

It was probably a little less piquant but I can’t say I noticed.