Best bit of the Macarena dance

  • When you put your arms out in front of you upside down
  • When you turn your arms out in front of you the right way around
  • When your hands touch the opposite shoulders
  • When you put your hands behind your head
  • When you put your hands on your opposite hips
  • When you put your hands on the matching hips
  • When you jiggle your hips
  • When you jump 90 degrees
  • I love all of my children equally
  • Other

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Hands on opposite shoulders. There’s something refreshing about a dance move that means you occupy a smaller volume of space than normal.

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As someone who has recently been forced to do the Macarena about 30 times…it’s the jumpy bit but that also gets tiring after a while

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Is one Macarena one round of the dance or one full version of the song?

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Full version :slightly_frowning_face:

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I haven’t done the macarena for over a decade, and now I’m sad. However, I recall my macarena days with great fondness. I suppose wistful would be the most apt descriptor

There’s a bit where your socks become exposed, so that bit


The worst bit is that horrifying scream. Found it terrifying as a kid