Best Board Game?

  • Monopoly
  • Cluedo
  • Mouse Trap
  • Hero Quest
  • Chess
  • Risk
  • Snakes and Ladders

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i think that’s it for board games isn’t it?




not on the list i’m afraid! so i assume that’s not actually a board game


Trivial Pursuit?

My favourite when I was a kid was Ghost Castle.


again not on the list!

I don’t make the rules!

ghost castle sounds pretty good tho



Put me and my mate Jon on the same Articulate team and we’ll annihilate you. We’re practically telepathic (but only when it comes to Articulate).


Any of the ones where you have to describe things or list things (Taboo, Outburst, the other one that’s similar. EDIT - that’ll be Articulate, then)


EDIT: Not even a fucking board game!


None of the above.


come on now


Scrabble’s so much better than every other game ever.


So, so good.


Had this game as a kid, magnificent:






not a board game!




Blood Bowl obvs


Remember playing a surprising amount of Risk when I was in first year of University.

So many falling outs.


Chess is probably the only one I’d earnestly try and win, the rest are just background music for getting drunk.