Best cake or patisserie


It’s the humble eclair.


found myself enjoying a carrot cake the other day

think that means i am now old



Cream cakes are wank, mate.


oh shit yes


You strike me as a currant bun kind of person. Sort of thing people called Neil enjoy.


Lemon meringue pie.

No, I’m right.


Take one over a massive amount of cream bewtixt some dull choux with a shitty line of chocolate on top.


yeah big fan. this pistachio eclair i had from betty’s was possibly the best i’ve ever eaten


if you’re making them the traditional way, sure


Sure thing Neil


He’s called it the ‘humble eclair’.

And don’t think for one minute that your fucking shite attitude towards the carrot cake has endeared you to anyone.


Big fan of a custard slice


I said I liked it! but you can’t seriously claim it’s a cool cake.

it’s probably the least cool cake. it’s got a vegetable in it.


custard slices are nice


dunno what you mean pal


It’s fucking cool! Veg, nuts, spices, moisture, incredible icing!

I love it and I’m as young as they come.


btw how do you post a photo? Asking for a friend.


two can play that game


i also like carrot cake