Best cartoon characterS


Tom from Tom and Jerry! I love the humour in that cartoon so much, it has to be good when I was laughing at it age 3 and close to 30 (or idk maybe I’m just a giant baby)

Bart! Also the best. And I really like butters from South park, bless him


Might not be the best, but underrated


Also courage the cowardly dog, and actually everyone from that show, especially the villains


He had such a cool voice


Hedonismbot for favourite robot


big fan of cardinal richelieu in dogtanion



Always been drawn to really sarcastic cartoon characters, Daffy Duck, Venkman from the Ghostbusters cartoon, this lad:



don’t think the OP can really be topped but massive soft spot for Hank Hill



fucking loved those cartoons as a kid. I remember this amazing one where he was chasing a penny all through town and it kept getting bigger and bigger.



Fuck, it’s obviously Randy Marsh isn’t it.


actually if we’re counting comics too then it’s definitely Ray Smuckles





South park has so many good characters, even new ones. Really enjoying pc principal (also thid has reminded me there are new episodes! :star_struck: )


Sylvester and tweety pie only because of the one episode where tweetypie looks like this - :joy:




That actually was an improvement :laughing:


Also the red guy, loved his all his bum related pseudonyms :joy: