Best Cereal (chat encouraged)

I think cereal might be my favourite food.

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semi-skimmed, my man, and i’ve been known to drink it by the pint.

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i like to vary, i try not to eat sugary cereals too often cos i eat too much chocolate and stuff already so don’t need adding to that. i have plain ones until they get boring and then switch to another one. vary between corn flakes, bran flakes, special k etc and then occasionally a bit of crunchy nut or something. currently have some coco shreddies. i’ve also been enjoying the special k with dried peach and apricot in it recently.

i didn’t realise for years how sugary Alpen is as you automatically assume it’s just healthy. it’s fucking gorgeous though.

Cocoa shreddies you twats


People eating cereal really annoys me for some reason

Crunchy Nut btw

I mix cereal IN THE SAME BOWL. You can’t handle it can you?! Cornflakes and raspberry/blueberry/whatever wheaties, probably some granola in there too…with added fruit! I’m a fickle, fickle man.

That’s an edge too far, agreed.


Hearing people eat cereal used to drive me to the frenzied zenith of a murderous rampage. Just couldn’t tune it out. Same with crisps.

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Far be it from me to discourage a bit of the old decorative language but I’m not sure murderous rampages have frenzied zeniths, as such, and even if they did put like this sort of implies you’re already in one. Maybe cereal does that to people!

Cinnamon grahams

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It’s too late for me, all I am now is a stark warning against cereal abuse!