Best city in Europe for a ridiculously cheap long weekend away?

£125ish a person for direct return flights and three nights board.

Not interested in looking at castles, just want a bit of sun and some nice food.




Obviously the right answer. Been there twice already, mind. Best city in Europe for me.




Porto, which is cheaper than Lisbon.




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Barcelona . Just did three days/two nights and got flights for £20 and a room for £50.

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Oh, you want sun.

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Montpellier is great but not massively cheap (…for booze), you could probably get and stay there for cheap though

Toulouse is supposed to be lively as well but I’ve not been

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Probs like Split or Zagreb or something

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Croatia’s not that cheap tbh, though I was in the Dubrovnik area which might be different

Hate it very much.

Exaggeration, but didn’t much like it



Surprised at that! How come?

A few things. Was probably there for too long and the weather wasn’t great. Outside the major sights, it didn’t feel like there was a lot to do of an evening if you didn’t want to sit around and drink. There wasn’t much in the way of parks or nice places just to pass time near the centre, unless you wanted to sit in/outside a cafe for hours on end. The charm of the narrow, alley like streets wore off and then I found them a bit oppressive and samey. There are loads of cafes and bars, but they mostly felt very similar and I got bored of the food. Overall instead of that usual holiday feeling of ‘it’d be great to live here’, I felt ‘I’d be really bored if I lived here’.

The Alcazar is amazing, and I really enjoyed wandering around the weird expo '92 leftovers on Cartuja.

Places like Pula or Zadar are cheaper, and you can definitely go more budget in those areas.

Can’t remember how much our flights were though.