Best comeback ever?

We’ve definitely done this before but makes a nice counterpoint to the other thread.

Mission of Burma are hard to beat. Two very good new albums, two decent if less exciting ones, still fantastic live.


Can we include one-offs? Because I really enjoyed the Meet Me In St. Louis reunion gig they did last year, that was incredible.


yes, yes we can.

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Probably bob Dylan

which one?

All of them :grinning::+1:

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The Afghan Whigs! You can make a strong case for “Do to the Beast” being their third best album in a catalog full of great ones. When bands lose a member who contribute to their signature sound, it usually doesn’t go so well, but they really pulled it off.

And while technically unsuccessful by many metrics, I’m personally very happy to have gotten more Smashing Pumpkins material and to have seen them live again. It’s a strange comeback that’s somehow simultaneously good and unsuccessful.

Sleater-Kinney came back really strong.

“The Magic Whip” was my introduction to Blur, and I thought it was one of the better albums of 2015.

I’d never listened to Slowdive before, but a couple nights ago I tried the new album and it’s great so far, so I guess I’ll add them to the mix.

I’m sure there’s something obvious I’m forgetting.


Jetplane Landing


Guided by Voices new stuff seems to get a bit of a mixed reception but I’ve got a big soft spot for most of the classic lineup reunion stuff, even if they spread themselves a bit thin by releasing too much with no quality control and clearly ran out of decent stuff by Cool Planet. Bears For Lunch is up there with their best imo.

Reunion pt 2 started a bit weird and pointless and shit but it’s pretty cool that Gillard’s back now and the new album seems decent on first listen. more or less counts as a late-period lineup reunion now.

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[quote=“TAFH33, post:7, topic:14331”]
“The Magic Whip” was my introduction to Blur[/quote]
woah, surprising.

i’ve only ever listened to it once i think cos i’m a huge Blur guy but it sounded pretty interesting and i always meant to return to it



(Fun fact, I’m in the video to Beat Generation…)


MIght be a bit Middle of the road but I really liked the new grandaddy and thought it was much better than I expected.


i’m going to watch it again and look out for you

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Yeah, I really have no idea how I never got around to getting their albums, I’m looking forward to going through all of them. I’ve recently started giving “13” a shot and I’m really liking it so far. “No Distance Left to Run” is phenomenal.

13 is pretty great. not a big fan of the earlier britpoppy stuff. also picked up Think Tank a couple of years ago and was convinced it was their best but i seem to have gone off it recently.

Graham’s solo stuff is where it’s at!

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Van Der Graaf Generator.

Also, every iteration of King Crimson might be deemed a comeback. And they’re all so, so good.

Was Red a comeback? I hope so, that’s the best!

Not quite - I believe the first album recorded by that particular lineup was Larks Tongue in Aspic, and what a comeback THAT was.

Yeah that was pretty amazing, my old philosophy a level teacher used to wax poetic about bill bruford’s drumming on that record.

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