Best compliment you've ever received*


*as in, one you were particularly chuffed about receiving for whatever personal reason, even if it only seems good to you.

Worst compliment you've ever received

“Your penis is fine” - my doctor


congratulations dude <3


Can’t remember receiving any specific ones. Best compliments are the ones you hear second hand.


After meeting my gf’s best friend, the feedback was “I like him. He thinks very carefully about what he’s going to say before he says it.”

Which might sound like faint praise, but she’s German, so


dunno about best ever but was at a work pal’s babies Christening the other week and she introduced me to her mum and said I was her favourite person at work, and her mum knew who i was from that, that was nice


been told I’m good looking by some ladies
my brother believes I’m the smartest person he knows
DiSers have said some fantastic things about my music and drawings

Wish I took most of these to heart a bit more but I can’t say I’ve been starved of compliments


“I can’t believe you ate that whole thing”


because they couldn’t believe it or because you ate the whole thing?


While it’s a bit facile, my Mrs while watching the football t’other day said “they all have quite weedy arms compared to you”.

Bear in mind i’m not even close to being a gym hulk, but it made me quietly feel like a million dollars


think @DarwinBabe calling me a genius is probably my proudest compliment, especially because it comes from someone much smarter than me.


“fine” like a surly teenager being told to clean their room, or “fine” like “Damn, that’s fiiiiiine!”?


or like a fine tooth comb?




‘i love your chuppy (sic) cheeks and milky white skin’. Thank you, Vietnamese Tinder.


hey man milk is extremely white. like gleaming. i now envisage you as a greek marbled statue




Pretty much




this is a great trait to have though!

So many times I wish I could choose quality over quantity with my words.

I’ll say any old shit!