Best compliment you've ever received*


I can’t think of anything specific (not in an Eeyore way). My boss is often very nice to me I guess, but it can’t be about my work output as I spend too much time on here :joy:


“You’re the most able person I’ve ever known and yet also one of the happiest to settle for mediocrity.”


god, I can’t think of anything recently. One of the contractors here said I should be a stand up comic a few years ago. That was nice. I’d like to second what @Flashinglight said way up thread about this place being lovely and really helping me over some dark times over the last 4 or so months. It’s definitely been a place of refuge for me and I really want to say thank you to anyone who’s given me advice or just listened.


I am here and ready for my @ma0sm compliment, fire away


Hey Joe Jackson :facepunch:



Not quite that cool…


I get this all the time as well! People are also so surprised that I like it


A girl that came into my work recently text her pal that I work with being like “that boy you work with is a total dish” which made me laugh


Today a couple of the hot interns were trying to guess (whilst I was listening to music with headphones) what I was listening to. They decided on drum and bass.

When they asked me later, and I said smashing pumpkins they asked if they’d got it right and were they drum and bass.

Im taking it as a compliment as I reckon it means I’m edgy and subversive



Someone (@bugduv I think) said he liked me and @keith in the selfie threads because we’re really smiley. Really cheered me up that, especially because Keith is a GBOL with a fantastic face.