Best condiment you've ever recieved


Got this as part of my christmas present from my sister;

Bloody lovely it is




The mango curry dip at Burgermeister.


gotta be the pineappley sauce from belgium i got. fucking amaze


was excited about some sugar free peri peri sauce i found recently

but it’s not that good


My ex housemate and top mate Emme who was training to be a chef made the BEST honey mustard sauce ive ever had. He now runs the kitchen in the top hotel in his homeland Ivory Coast, went to see him last year and he made it for me again, as a side to an amazing steak.

Love you Em


I was given a 12 month subscription for this company, once. Bloody brilliant present.



Wasn’t given to me, but I recently had a bottle of this and it was superb.


sounds totally disgusting though


Nope, its great!


Hellman’s Caesar sauce is both disgusting and phenomenal at the same time, I could eat it on bread and butter.


stuff of dreams


Which way is that?


took me a second


Won a bottle of this once. Great times.





I bought the standard ketchup version of this earlier, though mostly for R as I am not letting him have the normal sugary stuff but he likes dipping stuff in sauces so he probably won’t care much not knowing there is a better alternative.


Got this at Christmas from my aunt:
Not bad, though a bit niche for meals it enhances.


do you (or R) find the bottle isn’t very squeezy?