Best countries to immigrate to?

Ones with awesome human rights, education, visual arts, music & night life
I keep thinking Canada… Denmark… but let me see what you say


From where?


I want to move to Canada but I’m worried it’ll be too cold for me.

I dig the cold <3

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Hoogy’s replying and he’s gonna say Holland, bet you a tenner.

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The top 5 countries with the ‘best’ human rights record:

  1. Luxembourg
  2. Iceland
  3. Liechtenstein
  4. Monaco
  5. Palau

Ranked 23

Ranked 18




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Don’t they basically not let anyone in though?

Holland is only good for two things: cheese and football.


Don’t see why that would put anyone off.

I honestly don’t know much about this but it sounds too touristic for me :3

I love that kind of data, but i always wonder how accurate / updated they are. I tell myself it’d be at least 40% correct which makes it just enough for me for now at least.

Any city in your mind?

Human Rights Watch had nothing to say about Iceland in their 2019 report. In 2017, Amnesty International called for Iceland to accept more refugees.

The data listed above is from 2017. The scoring is based on the human rights reports published annually by the US State Department and Amnesty International.

The data has been collated as part of a wider study by Keith Schnakenberg, an assistant professor of political science at Washington University in St Louis, and Christopher Farris, an assistant professor in the department of political science at the University of Michigan. The background of their research can be found in this document:


Canada is a big place. Toronto does have colder winters but it also has nicer summers and it rains less

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Vancouver is further south than nearly all of England.

I want To ron to :frowning: