Best current supermarket sandwich?

No dramas. No need get all insecure about anything. No need for passive-agressive snobbery. I’m sure you’re all grown up and can wipe your own bums. Let’s just talk butties.

I’d say it’s probably this. Rye bread, mustard, pickled carrott, rocket, Red Leicester -

Pretty sick of all of them tbh pal, not buying a sandwich every day would improve my life in so many ways and yet I still fucking buy one every single day.

Chicken and Sweetcorn from Trose maybe?

Theres one in M&S that is like a selection of peas crushed with some mint and then cucumber

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a rye bread veggie sandwich? Where is KiK?!!?!

No indie points on offer?

M&S coronation chicken has got a few currents in it.

There’s a time and a place for a supermarket sandwich* but I can’t think of a time I’ve eaten one that’s been above a 6/10. I’ll generally go for a cheese ploughmans though.

* when I’ve forgotten my homemade sandwiches

I guess the flavour is pretty shocking?

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I guess that drags the quality down?

(I’m done)

We including wraps? If so, it’s the sainsbos mozarrella and pesto thing.

Had a gluten free M&S wrap by mistake the other day. Fuck me that was one of the worst things I’ve ever eaten, like the wrap tastes like powder, weird.

M&S cheese and celery

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M&S Turkey Feast (Xmas sandwich)

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I really enjoyed my chicken and chorizo paella wrap from Marksy’s last week.

Good that

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do they still sell this?

it was disgustingly brilliant.

very best supermarket sandwich I’ve ever had was probably a 4/10


Only one I ever but is co-op falafel and houmous wrap, not that great out of/10

Had a tesco Mexican bean flat bread about 6 months ago and that was ok too.