Best cuts in TV/films


I’m watching The Sopranos for the first time; just at the end of Season 2 right now.

just watched the bit where (not a huge spoiler, but still)Tony brings back a fur coat for Carm, and he makes her put it on with no other clothes on, and she climbs on top of him and they start engaging in… relations.

then it cuts to Tony walking past a sign that says “SALT WATER TAFFY: WATCH US MAKE IT!”


more of this sort of thing.



Not so much a ‘cut’ but if you listen to the score on the opening credits of Sleepy Hollow you’ll note that when Danny Elfman’s name comes up, he gives himself this sudden big rousing bit of music then it drops back to how it’s been for the rest of the credits.


Sort of a cut. The Cabin in the Woods when Dana is on the jetty getting killed and then the camera pulls back to the TV screen and a massive party in the control room. Brutal.




Nice choice.


Scott Pilgrim vs The World when Chris Evans is doing a grindy thingy on that rail… woww… wwwoooaaww… wwwao.



Probably massively cliched now but I’ve always loved that match cut. The dawn of man to space travel in a blink of an eye.


speaking of match cuts…


it’s mildly annoying how Netflix spoils the Always Sunny title reveals





There’s a scene in Mad Men where Pete Campbell, at a fertility clinic, is handed a specimen jar to fill which then cuts to Roger Sterling vigorously bouncing an elasticated rubber ball off a bat.




this is good



nice, that’s pretty good. I only watched up to season 2, not sure I saw this one?