Best Disney Song

After much thought, I think it’s this:

A lesser Disney film, no doubt, but a top tier song.


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Pretty much impossible to fly a kite without singing Let’s Go Fly a Kite, isn’t it.

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That song is indeed high quality.

Gonna have it stuck in my head all day now. No kite emoji hyggers, d’you make of that?


BONUS - I seem to have found the singalong version,

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It’s the best one

Bit of a waning pastime I suppose. Maybe saw someone flying a kit last autumn?

Saw someone at the beach in Bridport last May unsuccessfully flying one.

CYFLTLT is a bit overrated imo. Too slow and sappy.

The Mulan one is a banger though.


Could have picked anything from the Lion King, wall to wall banger fest.

I remember having a CD as a child which featured Timon and Pumba singing Stand by Me. Pretty sure this was a real thing.

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harder than it looks to fly a kite isn’t it

Too many to choose from.

Shit, it is real!