Best drunk chippie

  • Salt
  • Salt and vinegar
  • Brown sauce
  • Ketchup
  • Salt and sauce SCOTLAND CMON
  • Curry sauce
  • Cheese
  • Other weirdness

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I had to be honest about my choice but salt and sauce will always be the morally correct answer :white_check_mark:

Missing gravy? Poll is void


You’ll take your place with the rest of the weirdos and you’ll like it

Curry > gravy, just. But it should be an option

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A mix of the two I like to call ‘grurry’

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Cmon cravy was right there. I crave some cravy!

Grurry on chips

  • Would try
  • Would not try
  • Have tried

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Chips and chili sauce was a staple for me for a while.

It’s what the majority of my friends have most times they get chips sooo :man_shrugging:

Last horse to cross the finish line etc. But I’ve just discovered the joys of ketchup and mustard combo and I’m having it with anything that doesn’t cause a scene.

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Salt and sauce is Edinburgh only though, right?


never heard of it, pal

A friend of mine at uni would regularly wake up the morning after a night out with a cold, untouched congealed kebab in his hand. Quite impressive he didn’t just drop it in his sleep, I suppose.

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Agreed - poll is a travesty

Curry chip is the only right answer here.

Walks! :wave:


I don’t really understand the title of the thread vs the content of the first post. Did you mean ‘dunk’ instead of ‘drunk’?

Anyway, I quite like to have minimal salt but give it a good lashing of vinegar. After that I can go dip free or ketchup, sweet chilli sauce or mayonnaise.

Beans and cheese mate

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Just reminded me of this, thank you