Best ear plugs for playing gigs and attending gigs

This has probably been discussed a good few times before but hey ho…I have mild tinnitus, ears ring, notice it more in the quiet of night. Been to many a loud gig, Destruction Unit being the culprits who left me seriously worried after one of their shows. Now started playing guitar in a band with two drummers and a leader who insists on cranking his amp way up and using a fuzz/distortion pedal with brain mangling frequencies and tones. Was fun to begin with but now my ears are suffering too much. Sooooo, earplugs, what do other musicians/gig goers use? SO many varieties, like the Alpines or Senners etc etc. Cheers.

ER20 (for attending gigs).


You’ll find some useful info here. I use EarPeace ones for gigs and they seem pretty good.

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pretty sure all the ones available for around £15/20 (EarPeace, ER20s) are much of a muchness - I’ve used variants of them for years and they seem to do the job. Would love some expensive moulded ones but never get round to shelling out for them…

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ER20’s being these ones?



Cool. Will either get them or the Ear Peace ones recommended in the old thread. Too much choice unsettles an old procrastinator like me.

I got these

I’ve read up on those Isolate ones before, nearly bought a pair, then read some bad to average reviews. How do you find them?

they seem alright to me, but I guess my main purpose for wanting them was to block out all noise for sleep rather than gigs, but I do use them at gigs. probably suited for really noisy gigs that would leave me with ears ringing, but for more moderate gigs they are probably too much

I backed these early. I think theyrr great in theory but sometomes a bit much for attending gigs. Also despite their price they come with no way to secure or attatch them to your person and pretty much impossible to find if you drop them. As a result i lost them after a few gigs.

Best to get er20 or the gak own brand ones which are perfect for gigs. Block out the harsh noise but only lowers the volume to a comfortable level without severely reducing like the isolates and more jeavy duty ones do. Those are probably better suited for drummers and the like.


I’m stood in front of two drummers when I play and rehearse so I feel the need for something strong. I did borrow a pair of earplugs last night with a high filter but they made everything seem very odd and I couldn’t orientate myself in the music that well. Could be I didn’t have them in right, who knows. They were a brand/style name beginning with Q.

assume these are rubbish but like the idea