Best email address formats

Thread inspired by the fact I checked to see if could get my daughter’s email address as [firstname][lastname], but the fucker was already taken!

Obviously the don would be [firstname], but those are probably gone before they publicly launch, so the standard best is:


Followed by:


What comes next? Your name with a number after it? Swapping your surname and christian name like some kind of chump?

Let her pick it.

I’d rather chuck in an underscore than have a number.

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[firstname]@[own website].com


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Gmail doesn’t let you have them!

Maybe stop using

Always makes me chuckle, these.

That is a filler, in the same way that my daughter’s name is not “firstname”.

already registered my children’s emails address with gmail. #parenting


When we got married my wife moved from hotmail to gmail but [firstname][lastname] was taken, so she is [firstname][middle initial][lastname]

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Aye, she’s not a wedding photographer.

Yeah, sure it isn’t.

by the time she’s old enough to use it, nobody will even remember what email is


is it too late to change your daughters name?


At least there won’t be another xxJaegerBombEdgeLord69xx in her class at school

Chuckle with furious envy?

At first definitely, and then it transitions into laughter at how wonderfully cottage industry it all is.

Yes! She has a birth certificate and two passports already. WE’RE IN TOO DEEP.

tempted to register this just for something to use when applying for jobs

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