Best entry level DSLR?

Gonna take some photos aint I.

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If I was starting all over again right now, I wouldn’t go DSLR, I’d go mirrorless.

But what I found from when I did buy my first DSLR about ten-ish years ago, is that the best one is the one that you’re most comfortable in your hands, where the menus feel navigatable. Get yourself down to Curry’s and have a play - at entry level, there won’t be any material difference between one brand and another.

I sit on the front and pretend I’m driving it


What’s a mirrorless?

smaller, lighter, cheaper, but still have interchangeable lenses.

The “mirror” is the bit in the DSLR which allows you to look through the viewfinder, but also means that when you click the shutter it’s the sensor (or in the olden days, the film) that gets exposed. Mirrorless cameras don’t have this, but have electronic viewfinders instead (or just use the screen on the back), which means you’re cutting out some of the expensive technology and weight out of the camera.

So what’s the best camera you can get for 300-400? I’ll be using it to take gig photos, band profile photos and landscapes I guess.

Agree with Rob’s mirrorless recommendation. Entry level is quite subjective - do you have a budget in mind?


Really like the look of the Olympus pen e-pl7 design wise

If you’re going mirrorless, get one of the Sony alpha ones

a4000 should be less than 400 I think

You’re not going to get a lot new for £300-400. If you’re going to shoot gigs, you’ll probably want a faster lens than the standard kit lens too.

Would you consider going second hand?


I’ve seen a few photos taken from a D3400 and they look pretty good.

The design consideration is an important one if you’re thinking about mirrorless vs dslr though, especially if you’re taking pictures for other people. I use my mirrorless for travel photos mostly and love it for that but I used it to take pictures of an event for someone and felt really self conscious that it didn’t look like a ‘proper’ camera

Looks like there’s a D3500 now, so you should be able to get a decent deal on a D3400.

Looking on Amazon it also suggested the Canon 4000D, which they’re selling for £299 with a kit lens.

If you’re serious about taking photos at gigs, you’ll probably want a 50mm 1.8 lens as well, just for starters.

Whereas my friend Julie is a professional press photographer and she shoots with Fuji Mirrorless cameras, so I wouldn’t get too hung up on that, especially when you go to some festivals and see what some chancers are using. At the last Great Escape I some people with iPhones in the pit FFS!

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Yeah I was eyeing up a d3400 that came with a 18-55mm lens for £369?

I’ll be doing smaller events. Seen photos taken with one that look to be of a satisfactory quality

D3400 looks good. If you can afford it, maybe pick up a budget 50mm 1.8 as Rob suggested - the wide aperture is what you’ll want for low light shooting.

Get enough light in the photos, and your picture quality will be fine, even at entry level. Cameras these days are incredible.

Low light will still be a challenge though - Even my full frame Canon 5D mk III needs a faster lens on the front for when I shoot gigs.