Best / favourite PS1 and PS2 games

Obviously Vice City. I guess the Metal Gears if you liked the kind of thing. Any forgotten gems you loved?

I played a lot of Driver and really loved it. Timesplitters 2, and in earlier times, Crash Team Racing were my favourite multiplayers.

I’m sure I asked this before, but what was that game that was like a 3D Streets of Rage, you beat up thugs in a pair and use bits of scenery… there’s a branching story bit where you go on a either a boat or a plane… that was wicked.



Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 2


Oh shit yeah, played a tonne of that, though I fucking shit at it.

Final Fantasy VII remains my favourite (non FM/CM) game

Metal Gear Solid obvs.

Ape Escape was fucking brilliant and is ripe for a new version.

Tony Hawks 2.

I’ve got some good memories of some of the niche football ones, Viva Football and Libero Grande were great.

oh you’re talking about Fighting Force! I loved that as a kid, turns out it was pretty shit though. The lift level was great at the time though. Still, streets of Rage 2 was unbelievably great, still awesome today. Looks like a goddamn beautiful painting too

Ape Escape reminds me (for some reason) of this which was fucking amazing, gameplay was unlike anything else really:,Dog’n’_Wolf

And 1 and 3.

I remember playing the demo for the first one for ages before it came out. Later I would become infamous among my friends who had it for going round their houses and wrecking all their scores so badly half of them ended up deleting their saves just to get my smug name off the leaderboards. Good times.


that link :smiley:

Vagrant Story: Square’s cult classic action RPG with a cool weapon crafting mechanic way ahead of it’s time and oh so moody and gothic!

Carnage Heart: Making custom built robots fight using logic gates to program their behaviour. Super unique and awesome if you’re a boring penoid.

Vandal Hearts: Accessible turn based RPG with a great story and set piece battles

Weirdly it shows up properly in the dialogue box? There should be an extra underscore in there.

Circuit breakers was class

that it takes you to the page for sheep, i found disproportionately funny

Sigh. I got an N64 after all the best non-Shining Foce JRPGS came out for the SNES. Assumed the same would be the case for the ol’ 64. Big, big mistake.

Vib Ribbon
Parapper The Rapper
Katamari Damacy

I can’t really think of any other ‘classics’ that weren’t better on other platforms.

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ah it’s a fantastic game. Reckon it would still hold up really well. Very evocative artstyle

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and IX

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Vib Ribbon! Can still hum half the songs on it.


Yeah that’s a shame really, PS1 for me was the golden age of JRPGs. Though Shining Force 2 is the best and I won’t hear a bad word said about it

Smackdown 2 was absolutely brilliant. Must have sunk literal weeks of my life into that wonderful, wonderful game.