Best / favourite PS1 and PS2 games


I did practically the same on 6 :hugs:




I love how they went from proper licensed music and trying to be FIFA to…this. I’d have loved to have been in that meeting.


I legitimately listen to that song semi-regularly, it’s a thing of wonder.


Might be thinking of a different game (or completely imagining it), but couldn’t you punch the goalkeeper while he was holding the ball on FIFA 98?


You could just go through them with a slide tackle, great way of getting a match abandoned if you were losing


Fondest memories are of PES 2/3 (Pierluigi Collina cover). Not actually the best in the series, obviously, but felt light years ahead of any football games made up to that point


You could dive in fifa 98 as well I think.


What was the one where you could get abducted by aliens?


Talking of favourite soundtracks I always loved this track


This thread has me wanting to play silent hill 2. Was the HD remaster for PS3 really as bad as everyone says?


was there a Tony Hawk game where one of the levels you started by jumping out of a helicopter into a half pipe?

i remember it somehow, but when googling all I can see if a level in THUG where you jump over a helicopter


This fella?


I looked it up as I’m guessing this was read as a joke, it was 2000:


can’t believe I forgot Psychonauts, fantastic game!


This brings back fond memories of my first year halls and our “Andy Reid Matches”.

  1. Random Selection Match
  2. Team must include Andy Reid, so Ireland or Sunderland (iirc.) as one of your choices, free choice with the rest. And once you get Reid, that’s your team.
  3. Reid has to play no. 10
  4. Reid has to play full 90 minutes
  5. Reid has to take all set pieces (bar goal kicks).

Don’t think we really played any normal matches!


Wild Arms
Marvel Vs Capcom


I sometimes think Matt Hoffman Pro BMX might be my favourite ever game. so many fond memories.

never actually played the Tony Hawk games, which is stupid because they were basically the same, but with skateboards. think I might have a look on eBay.


i was sure there was a huge drop! silly me ha


I had Dave Mirra’s BMX which was good. fond memories of the first level with Gang Starr playing in the background. Then the sequel was a XXX version which was weird