Best / favourite PS1 and PS2 games


me and my mate at uni used to have mini tournaments cosntantly on a PES. Chievo was my team just because for some reason, Victor Obinna was immense


it did NOT have the best music ffs.


nice! yeah, the music’s such a massive part of those games.

I always turned my nose up at the Dave Mirra game because I was a Mat Hoffman fan (kind of) and had an irrational dislike of Mirra because I thought he was kind of a rival to Mat Hoffman (even though it wasn’t like that, really). I just wanted Hoffman to win everything, but Mirra came along after and dominated all the competitions.

sidenote: fuck, I had no idea Dave Mirra had died?!


Man that Evo 5 music takes me back.

But I refer you back to this:


ISS Pro Evo 2 is where I properly fell in love with the series. I wrote a big post in the gaming thread about how shite footy games are now in comparison.

Master League was so good. There wasn’t even an option to start with the real squads back in the day.


tbf I dont even know how I ended up with Mirra cause I had no interest in BMX! played it a lot though, might try andd dig it out

yeah he shot himself didnt he a couple of years ago?


still better than the pro evo game with that kaiser cheifs song about eating crisps




I’ve been with it since the original ISS on the SNES. Any indie points on offer for that?


apparently they found out after his death that he had chronic traumatic encephalopathy :worried: probably loads of skaters and BMX riders at risk of that. same article had Mat Hoffman saying he’d had about 100 concussions?! jesus.

games-wise, deffo get a copy of Mat Hoffman’s Pro BMX if you can.

dunno which Tony Hawk’s games to get, Pro Skater 2 aside… any recommendations? (anyone?)


4 was the series peak for me. 3 was good but didn’t have reverts, which change the game so much it’s hard to go back afterwards, and the THUG games are too full of Jackass nonsense for my taste. Loads of gimmicks, not enough actual skating for me.

Shame that HD remake the other year was such a travesty. Never seen such a simple slam dunk of a game fucked up so badly.


Dave Mirra was great. You could play as a Slim Jim man!

Davw Mirra 2 on the PS2 was pretty good too. Had this ace camp Woodward (?) level.


shit, I didn’t know this either!


2, 3 & 4 were my favourite Pro-Skater games, I would probably rate 3 the highest as it’s the one I played the most.


Ah shit thats horrible :frowning:

In terma of THPS. i actually really enjoyed Underground and American Wasteland too. Underground 2 was essebtially Jackass the game but it was fun
American Wasteland focused more on skating but just had loads of fun.elementa. you can bmx in it too! Also had an exclusive soundtrack of newer pink bands covering classics (Thursday doing Buzzcocks, Alkaline Trio doing TSOL, Taking Back Sunday doing Descendents, Thrice doing Minor Threat et )


2 is the classic
3 is the first that really opened up the possibilities,
4 basically sets up underground


YES. Even though they patched some stuff it’s still completely broken. The fog doesnt work properly and they messed up loads of the music, slow downs, wrong textures, new voices, etc. Totally ruins the game.

Best off downloading the PC version to play it in a better resolution.


Huylens and Castollo up front


Anyone remember Cool Boarders? Never had it but used to rent it all the time.


I had the second one - before SSX it was definitely the go-to snowboarding game on the PlayStation.

On a side note, all this Tony Hawk talk is really making me hanker for a new Skate!