Best / favourite PS1 and PS2 games


I gave you a like. Not sure how many indie points that’s worth?

Everyone had their PS1 and/or PS2 chipped, yeah?

The guy I used to get mine off had an absolutely massive printed binder with all the games you could get, it was ridiculous.


Cool Boarders 2 must be one of the games I’ve dedicated most hours to in my life. Way better than silly SSX games


it was 3 that introduced reverts

you’re right about that being a big change tho, along with the special bar filling and turning special while doing a combo instead of only change after.


Sled Storm.

Hasn’t been near enough snowmobile games


Huh. See I missed 3 and played 4 first and as I remembered it I couldn’t get into 3 later because of the lack of reverts. But that can’t be right. Stupid brain.


Why pay through the nose to get it chipped when a lump of blu-tac and a quick wrist would let you hot swap your pirate discs?

Except Fear Effect. And Final Fantasy. And pretty much any multi-disc game.


I bought a kit for mine very late in the PS1’s lifetime. It was an action replay style thing that plugged into back of PS1 (and had all the benefits of an action replay too) and a big spring that held the lid closed button down.


Maybe you couldn’t revert manual in 3? I’m struggling to remember how incrementally they introduced stuff.


some more absolute gems from my youth:

Syphon Filter 3-02Armored Core-02


You could definitely revert to manual in 3, vividly remember it.




I googled it last night all ready to storm in here all ACTUALLY… but according to wiki 3 had reverts. So it is I who was wrong.

Unless @iamwiggy changed the wiki…and then enlisted @Kallgeese into this fiendish plot to discredit me…

I’m watching you guys.


3 definitely had reverts! I know because when I went back to 2 I found it unplayable without reverts!



net yaroze!


^this demo disc from OUKPM had some incredible games on it.

Total Soccer was amazing:


Pushy II as well:


And Psychon:




I don’t know what wiggy has on you but you won’t get away with this!

Why is there no active skateboarding franchises these days anyways? I’d bloody love a new decent THPS/Skate game.


Getting the first level on MGS with ISS Pro Evo '98 :heart_eyes:


Bubble Boy!


I didnt realise they redid THPS , why was it such a mess?


Some of the demo discs I played more than actual games I reckon.

Oh fuck, I reckon I played this the most, how could I forget??


I can still hear the sound of the babies on it and they still piss me off!