Best / favourite PS1 and PS2 games

A friend had a game for PS that I remember being pretty class but can’t quite remember what it was. All I can recall from it is it was a driving game and there was a big old barn like this

Thank you!

Ooh, I think I had that. With the very extensive backstage area for hardcore matches?

I imagine it would have been for me too had I known. I managed to borrow a friend’s PS1 for the Final Fantasy games but he wasn’t interested in the others. As it was those years were the golden age of 3D platformers. Which is not quite as cool.

You won’t hear a bad word about either Shining Force game from me. Apart from a few expletives towards 1 which deleted my save after 1 attempt at the final boss. Never did finish it.

tekken 2




yeah it’s more moody and ambient than most stuff of it’s era, I remember lots of echoey quiet dungeons but when you leave the first area it’s so beautiful and everything’s framed in such a cinematic style. Probably explain why I loved FF12 so much when they returned to that world and some of the aesthetic.

It’s very contained within itself and feels like they never overreached with the story or the setting or gameplay. Pretty close to perfect for it’s time.

might’ve been vigilante 8

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Tekken 3 for me, Clive.


wrong tekken!


well I’ve got a treat for you soon!

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Okami was better on the Wii.

I forgot that SOTC was PS2 - I thought it was PS3. That one can be added to the list.

Crash Team racing
Toca 2
Doom 2 (obvs not specific to PS but still so much fun)

Ooh intriguing!

Yes! Remember taking it to a mate’s house and having his mum denounce it as barbaric because my character was hitting his character over the head with a mop.


They were alright, I guess.

Pleased to see I’m not the only one that loved Crash Team Racing.

I hate most computer games, so my favourites were Bust A Move 3DX and Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo

I really like but have never finished FF XII. Got to that stage you get to on FF games where you could do the last boss battle but there are a load of other quests and stuff to do as well.

Waiting in the street for them to get run over by the passing cars :joy:

Another vote for Crash Team Racing.