Best / favourite PS1 and PS2 games


They were alright, I guess.


Pleased to see I’m not the only one that loved Crash Team Racing.

I hate most computer games, so my favourites were Bust A Move 3DX and Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo


I really like but have never finished FF XII. Got to that stage you get to on FF games where you could do the last boss battle but there are a load of other quests and stuff to do as well.


Waiting in the street for them to get run over by the passing cars :joy:


Another vote for Crash Team Racing.


I’m reworking/re-imaging all the music from Shining Force 2 for a fun side project.


Colin McRae Rally - the scenery felt evocative in that, I bet it’s shit in retrospect.


Abe’s Odyssey / Exodus
Price of Persia: Sands of Time

neither of those have been mentioned yet


V Rally is the only “proper” racing game I’ve ever loved


don’t know what this means but going to assume I’ve been trolled.



All of the GTA games
The Warriors (really underrated)
Lemmings back on PS1
Tekken 2
SFX: Tricky
Ratchet and Clank was amazing
Jak & Daxter (complete Banjo & Kazooie rip-off though, but still loved it)
Crash Team Racing / all the Crash games on PS1
Really liked Dynasty Warriors but no idea if it was actually good or not.


did you buy every game you owned on all available consoles?


Of the Tomb Raider games, I had 2 and 4 - 2 was amazing, I never completed 4 because it was huge and difficult.


The whole thing? Whoa. That sounds amazing - can’t wait to hear it!


The first Gran Turismo.


it’s fucking hard there’s so many counter melodies and things, guy was a genius as far as I’m concerned. I probably won’t do everything but a nice cross section of the stuff you remember


I’ve played it through twice, 100+ hours both times. Could only be bothered to finish it the first time, spent the second one pointlessly (but enjoyably) searching for rare monsters, bosses, weapons, crazy quests that yield you complete crap and so on. Such a massive game, it just never stops. Amazing scale to the thing.


I was just going to post this - fantastic game. I remember being utterly stunned by the graphics at the time.


Also, my kids still play crash team racing, it stands up really well.


CMR should have been really boring, it’s not even like in Gran Turismo where you’re racing other cars, and miles away from a fun arcade style racer. But I found just concentrating on staying on the track and finding the right light to be really hypnotic and peaceful. It was pretty zen.