Best / favourite PS1 and PS2 games


I usually played them on all available consoles, yeah.

(I used to review games and stuff around this time)


just alright? thought they were overflowing with charm, and a joy to play, but…

what about ICO, then?

hmm… what about Abe’s Oddysee/Exoddus? better on the PC or something?


Wasn’t Eddie gordo taken 3?


It was amazing fun being able to get a car that maybe a relative had and see what speed you could get it to on the big oval test circuit thing.


Can confirm Dynasty Warriors was really fun for just battering through hundreds of enemies with no real sense of risk. Mindless enjoyment.


here’s games that were pretty sweet:
Gitaroo Man
Viewtiful Joe
Gregory Horror Show (I never actually played this though)

great era tbh


Brian Lara Cricket 99


I liked Ico a lot, but it was a little clunky for me to be one of my favourite games.


hardest game ever


That’s Liam Neeson


Shadow Hearts trilogy - fantastic jrpgs
God of War 1 & 2
Prince of Persia trilogy (or at least sands of time)
Sly Racoon Trilogy (up there is Ratchet and Jak as best PS2 platformers)
ICO and Shadow of the Colossus
FF 7 and 9


did you play the Jak sequels? I’m going on about them a bit, here, but they were ace.

only played Banjo and Kazooie recently, I see what you mean about that, kind of.


So good though, no idea how someone hasn’t managed to nail a cricket game since


Ah right - easy to get confused


Gitaroo Man was so, so odd.


I really liked the Jak sequels. 2 might suffer from ‘I’m so dark and edgy’ syndrome (happened to every franchise around this point didn’t it) but I loved it at the time


hmm… I suppose the mechanics weren’t great. atmosphere and concept left an indelible mark on me, though, in a way that no other game (SotC aside) did.


Inherited a PS2 recently and bought Dynasty Warriors 2 for 50p, after having the demo when I originally had a PS2. It’s one of the most mindless games I’ve played but fantastic


really like dark cloud - bit of a zelda clone with city building elements.

tombi! was ace too.


Think I played Jak 3 the most - it was incredible. Pretty sure I got stuck on a level and never finished it but it dictated my life for a good few months. Would love to play it again now.