Best / favourite PS1 and PS2 games


have fond memories of WCW Thunder - it was shit but remidns me of my youth
GTA Vice City and San Andreas were amazing
Resident Evil 4
Bishi Bashi
Speed Freaks was an underrated mario Kart type thing
loved Tony Hawks, just for the soundtrack


kinda boring in videogame form though…I just wanted to smash it for 6 every shot which is why I sucked I guess


I had a demo of Tombi - remember enjoying it.


Yeah, I remember reading about a weapon called the Sunflower that required an insane amount of loot and about 4 million gil to buy. Had a sad realisation recently that unless I take holiday with that specific purpose in mind I’ll probably never have time to play a game that thoroughly again.


Reckon there will probably be scope for a slog-the-shit-out-of-it game once the IPL takes off properly over here.

I’d still take a more cerebral test match simulation over that any day of the week mind you.


yes it is pretty weird. I found it pretty hard as well I think. It was the best


Real shame you couldn’t flip the cars over or properly damage them. Got some great air on that track just driving really fast in a straight line into the corner.


Daxter was brilliant comic relief. genuinely funny stuff from Max Casella and the writers.

and it was kind of enthralling when I was younger… very teen angst, all of that. good atmosphere in those games, really well-realised worlds (even if you could fall through the floor in a number of areas).


oh man I produced so many shit, shit tracks in Music 2000 and Music 3000


Having kids helps with this. Mine sat through all 100 hours of the second go through, absolutely agog, and would regularly pester me to play it so they could watch. Weeeeellllll, if you insist…


Yeah seem to remember playing as a Mongolian warlord and just roaming around for literally hours killing people with some kind of massive scythe. Can’t believe I didn’t get bored.


Don Bradman 17 is good fun going by the demo.


it’s still a joy, I’d definitely dig it out. all the vehicles and weapons felt rewarding too, rather than just giving you anything you wanted. perfectly balanced between fun and challenging.




GT3 on the PS2



Oh god the nostalgia is strong.


anyone else got a rasberry pi?

might shout out on facebook see if anyone fancies making a bit of £££ building me one

probably super easy for someone who knows what they’re doing but i’d have no idea

never had a PS1 but could lose loads of time with a proper emulator now


its only the game mario kart could have been


Had a decent 2 player mode too.

“Shall we go into this castle and advance the story?”
“Nah, let’s stay out here and kill a couple of thousand more”.