Best / favourite PS1 and PS2 games


@Steved @The_Excession did you guys ever get the Zodiac Spear? I did everything but that; I was so irked when I realised I couldn’t get it - there were certain chests you couldn’t open or something?

I loved how deep the side-quests went in that game, and yet they never felt as much of a slog as, say, FFX could (farming Dark Matter from the giant flan thing in the Calm Lands monster arena thing, etc).


What was that car combat game with the clown? Had a full go fist fight with my brother over that aged 10ish. Destruction Derby was class as well.



I played a demo of that. ridiculously fun. badly wanted the game, but never got it for some reason.

wondering if it would be as fun to play now


Twisted Metal Black! Fucking great shout.


Tony Hawks, obvs.
GTA III and Vice City
Also Tomb Raider
and the Jurassic Park Game - the level where you got to play as a raptor was fun.


can’t think of anything more quintessentially my form in school in 2003 than this.


You know it’s a good game when every level ends with one person howling laughing and everyone else seething.





recently discovered



That “Now” Loading Val Venis just popping up for a second in the middle absolutely killed me.


ICO - Just the most beautiful serene game I’ve ever played. I’ve played through at least four or five times now and I still come back for more.

Burnout 3 Takedown - Ludicrously fun game. I got stupidly good at this by playing it constantly, even using a one handed controller!


Two other PS2 faves;
God of War 2



i remember first time I got one of the games, it was from Blockbuster a day before release. First match, Vince McMahon game out but it was to Val Venis’ music and video for some reason


Never got it. I’ve seen the way you get it in a play through, it’s flat out impossible without knowing precisely what to do from day 1. Loads of chests to open in the right order, or not at all, and even then it’s still partly down to luck.

Could never be arsed with that, or messing about in the giant crystal thing with endless identical rooms.


‘SSX 3’ is definitely one of my favourite games ever. So smooth, ridiculous amount of tracks to explore, the open mountain and it was also absolutely nails.


I had the old version (14 maybe?) on my Xbox 360 and it was pretty good. Was looking at getting the new one on my Xbox One but the reviews look a bit dodgy and its quite expensive.

I really need a game like that soon though, I start working 4 on/4 off in a few weeks - Would quite like to sit in front of the TV patiently knocking a test match out on those 4 off.


Yeah, I spent an inordinate amount of hours on that game. The follow up was such a disappointment, but not sure how they could have improved it tbh.