Best / favourite PS1 and PS2 games


Kula World!

Used to spend a lot of time playing GTA London. 2 discs to load it up.


I played a fair bit of PS1

Mainly the obvious ones - Tomb Raiders 1 and 2, Resident Evil 1 and 2, Tekken 1 and 2. I spent a lot of time playing the F1 game (I don’t even like F1, but I got quite into it, having to properly learn all the tracks etc0

Also that arcade conversion shooting game - the one where you got a big plastic gun with it and pressed a button on the gun to duck for cover (was a big foot pedal in the arcade version)


Ooh remember The Getaway? Was promoted as having perfect recreations of London but I’m pretty sure that was bollocks.


god of war 2 looked amazing, relative to the hardware it was running on and compared it to the average ps2 game it’s probably the best looking game ever.


Heartening to see so many people mention CTR - deffo one of my favourite games ever.

Timesplitters (all 3)
FF VIII (proudest gaming moment is managing to get all the stuff to make the Lion Heart gunblade)
Future Cop: LAPD
Hogs of War
both Vigilante 8 games


Point Blank innit. great game.


hmm no

just googled it - was Time Crisis I was thinking of


Disturbing lack of mentions for Wip3out 2097.


Huh, you know what, it actually is pretty spot on:


RIP Rik Mayall


yeah the way you get the Zodiac Spear was bullshit. there’s just absolutely no way you’d be able to do it without a guide


Ah of course. I misread the duck for cover bit as shooting ducks - which i’m pretty sure was one of the levels on point blank :stuck_out_tongue:


Also X


yeah, totally shithouse. idk if it’s even worth all the messing about, either.

@The_Excession ahhh, I know what you mean by the crystal thing. haven’t played that bit in nearly ten years, but I remember there being an esper down there. actually quite liked that bit of the game, but I printed off guides for it.

I sometimes wonder what it would have been like playing FF games without strategy guides, trying to find all the secret stuff by a combination of the minimal info you get in game and trial and error.


Wow don’t think I’ve thought about Fighting Force for about 20 years!

Nuclear Strike got proper hammered at our house.


Everyone’s said most things, but I had a lot of fun with Driver on the PS1. The on-foot controls for the sequel were horrifyingly bad though.


Oh yeah, it was painful. Guess it was a good precursor to the likes of GTA3 though.


FFVII obv.

THPS 1-3.

The original Driver.



Loads which were probably shite but are very nostalgic for me: TOCA Touring Cars, Colin McRae Rally, Destruction Derby, Quake II (got a multitap when this came out and holy moly 4 player Quake II was amazing), Porsche Challenge, Tekken 2…


I was thinking about this recently! I was getting annoyed at redoing a level on Score Hero, and it made me remember a massive level in the Getaway, which was made up of about 3 or 4 stages (including shooting your way out of a police station) but if you were killed, you had to go right back to the start every time. Including watching the cut scene in full every time


I too enjoyed Driver - the drifty handling was great fun