Best / favourite PS1 and PS2 games


All these posts and no one has said star wars battlefront 2. You should all be ashamed of yourselves


I had Vagrant Story back in the day but never got into it, have vague recollections of being stuck on a boss or something like that and just not being able to get past it whatsoever, so I gave up and traded it in. Shame as it looked/looks ace.


Yeah, WipEout 2097, Tekken 3, Gran Turismo (first game I remember having to brake in, also coincided with the launch of the dual shock controller - what a birthday), Kurushi, Crash Bandicoot (Wrath of Cortex was probably the best). Sweet, sweet times.


Silent Hill
Silent Hill 2

Some of the best games ever.


could never do the final mission on Driver, so impossibly hard. on the sequel I got stuck on a bit where you needed to jump onto a boat, never made it in time and just hit the water instead


apart from all the obvious ones that have already mentioned, was a big fan of:

Virtua Tennis 2 - liked the arcade game, world tour was ace
F1 Challenge 99-02 - as far as I know the only F1 game to actually have seasons that followed on from each other, drivers changed teams etc. was good
Die Hard Trilogy - mostly the Die Hard 3 driving one though, 2’s light gun levels were fun but I was so shit as 1’s third person shooting
Disgaea 1 and possibly 2 if that was PS2 - really enjoyed both the game play and the game’s sense of humour


Both of them were amazing in multiplayer. The Bespin level on the first one!


Just like to say that I could definitely beat all of you at CTR.

The one thing in my life I can say I’ve truly mastered


I wish I knew what online gaming was when they came out! Some great memories playing splitscreen with my brother


I wish I knew how many hours I put into that splitscreen mode. I got so incredibly good at it. Finishing matches with fifty kills at the highest difficulty. Ah, to play it again would be a great feeling.


Rayman 2 - The Great Escape

Haven’t got a PS1 anymore, or any of my games (only had 4). I really loved that game and it doesn’t seem to be downloadable anywhere.


Really very sad I missed this thread at the time while everyone was here :frowning: Fucking Dayshifters

Anyway, my favourite PS1 games were Abe’s Oddysee, Abe’s Exodus, Crash 2&3, Unholy War, Silent Hill, the first Tomb Raider, Soul Reaver, Parrappa the Rapper, MediEvil

Best ps2 games were Shadow of the Colossus and SH2, closely followed by the second Jak game, San Andreas, MGS2, Psychonaughts, SH3, Here Comes the Pain and Killer 7


Oh and Medal of Honour Frontline, much better than literally any ww2 film. That opening level blew my little mind.


Did you ever do the cheat code for the hidden course in China with the giant hill?


Soul Reaver! Yeah man, brilliant game.


Medievil has some of the funniest/best voice acting in any videogame, if a bit UK-centric


Never played MediEvil, but I loved the sequel. Had amazing voice acting too

(spent ages the other day trying to find a clip of the save point ghost saying ‘alright dan, you’ve come a long way, I’d save if I was you’, and all I discovered is that there is medievil fanfic)


Theyre only a fiver on amazon! Think there’s PC versions too


Fuck that was a difficult game, I come back to it every year and I’ve yet to complete it


The stained glass window boss blew my young mind. Voice acting was great - Canny Tim! There was a sequel but I’ve not played it.