Best Films of the 21st Century - Guardian list


I’m out…


I think this is being discussed in the general films thread

Ed Norton closing a laptop in disgust GIF

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Ted! Fucking hell

“Mark Wahlberg is great…” fucking hell

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Most predictable number one since Candle In The Wind. Fucking state of that list.

No Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind?!

Team America better than Mulholland Drive?!

What a load of bobbins.


Can’t believe they didn’t find room for The Matrix on there. Smh.

How come they’re proper into the 21st century all of a sudden. It’d make more sense in 2020, surely? Nice round number of years

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No Toy Story 3? When Team America is at number 10? NCFOM at 8fucking6?!? I’m all irked now.

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To chronicle 21 years instead of 20?

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(like anyone who has been proven publicly wrong, I say this with an inflection that heavily implies that I’m immediately inexplicably pivoting towards the far right and the warmth of their low low standards)


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Well, I spose you could’ve been snagged by that Matrix post

Feel like There Will Be Blood is just a default choice people go for. It’s 7/10

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There Will Be Hot Takes


Where the fuck is Little Miss Sunshine?!

No Assassination of Jesse James or Drive but Bright Star is in

Now get me a milkshake

Think I preferred the DIS list.


Weird how people are still pretending boyhood is a good film, rather than a shite, shite film with an interesting central concept

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