Best food

Ful Medames. Cheers.

Yorkshire puddings


deep-fried mac and cheese burgers


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Or pizza

Reckon all things considered it’s probably red lentils

Curry or eggs

How about egg curry?


Never tried it tbh. I will one day and report back. :egg::hot_pepper:

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Genuinely think the nicest food is liver. Don’t understand how so many people don’t like it. Texture’s incredible and so much flavour. Weird that it’s so cheap and undervalued. If i ever come home from work to a plate of liver and onions with colcannon and gravy i always think to myself “shit, i live on my own, who are these people and how did they get in”.





I hate to be predictable but it’s pasties, sorry.

Alright ‘funkypasty’

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Pizza includes cheese, so that?

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Breakfast: Fruit n Fibre
Lunch: Pittas and h(o)(u)m(m)(o)(u)s(s)
Dinner: dunno, I reckon something with chorizo in it

Local Indian

There’s a curry I have at our default ‘going out for a curry’ place that has an egg in it. It is muy bueno.

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