Best Fruit

fuck off!

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Alphonsos are from India, obviously.

India isn’t very good for a ‘Mambo/Mango’ dad joke though tbf

Same reason meat on the bone isn’t worth it.


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Babies absolutely love bananas, it’s literally one of the only things they eat.

Just fucking boring aren’t they. You start off thinking “oh this is alright actually” then 45 minutes later you’re still eating the fucking thing and you never want to see another one in your life.


No it doesn’t




Bit harsh on babies.


Bananas aren’t juicy though are they?? I like my fruit to be thirst quenching

just get a small banana, problem solved!

Are you going to eat a fucking Mango for breakfast? no you are not!

Do you have Huel® for all meals now?

think you might be thinking of a very large watermelon


High risk high reward fruit: nectarine (a peak nectarine defeats any other fruit)
Low risk high consistency fruit: apple (so underrated, always there for you, I love apples :apple:)

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Me too
they’re my fave although I can’t not eat a whole punnet in one go

Another vote for Mango.

Also a fan of Nectarines, Peaches and Pineapples.

Twice a day sometimes if I cba with real food. But never all three, I’m not Elon Musk.