Best Giallo movie

It’s got to be an Argento hasn’t it?

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What about Lucio Fulci or Mario Brava FFS :rage:

(It’s clearly Suspiria or Profondo Rosso tbh tbf…)


It’s suspiria of course

Deep red is a really bad film. Not sure why it’s rated. Quite a drab looking film by Argento’s standards and a nonsensical story.

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I’m guessing not this though, even it is argento…:

Supposed to be pretty bad, anyone actually seen it?

I’d allow a Bava but Fulci is pretty second rate

the Beyond is good though

The Bird with the Crystal Plumage is my favourite, but any giallo that features glass architecture is automatically the best



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Love The Bird With The Crystal Plumage and Suspiria. Can’t choose between them

@whiterussian to thread

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Ugggh, there’s so many. I’ve felt a distinct lack of these kinds of films in my life recently. Must get back on it.

Suspiria (and The Beyond) is categorically not a giallo. Gialli are murder mysteries that don’t really involve the supernatural.
LOL at saying Deep Red is drab. Also, all gialli are convoluted!!! That’s what makes it a giallo - it needs to have an investigation with loads of red herrings and ridiculous twists. And preferably a nude cocktail party in a completely glass room where everyone is drinking a half pint of J&B.

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Didn’t know that

You think deep red is a good film though?

Suspiria is utterly ridiculous but a sensual delight…deep red is just…meh

Buffalo 66


The only bad thing about it is there are some dodgy dated comedy scenes. It’s one of the best horror films. The soundtrack is incredible and the sense of place/layout is really evocative.

Look at this beautiful gif I found:


Hilariously awful. Brody disowned it. You would have thought he would have upped his acting chops seeing as he essentially has two roles in it.

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Think my favourite Argento film is the Stendhal Syndrome. Not even sure it’s good but I really like it for some reason.

Argento’s animal trilogy; The Bird With the Crystal Plumage, The Cat O’ Nine Tails & Four Flies on Grey Velvet are where it’s at. I also like A Lizard In a Woman’s Skin by Fulci, pretty much anything with Edwige Fenech in ( Your Vice is a locked Room and Only I have the Key, The Case of the Bloody Iris, The Strange Vice of Mrs Wardh…) and a couple of lesser known ones in The Fifth Cord and The Spider Labyrinth. Deep Red and Tenebre aren’t as good as I want them to be. Suspiria and Footprints on the Moon are amazing but aren’t true giallo. The Editor from a couple of years ago is one to watch once you’ve watched most of these here, a real giallo lovers hot take!

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Anyone who doesnt say Suspiria is trying too hard tbh