Best gig heckles


As a London gig-goer I’m aware of the fact that London audiences are notoriously quiet but my favourite ever gig heckle was at the Queen Liz Hall back in the day at a Joanna Newsom show where, during a quiet, reflective moment between a song, someone shouted out, “what do you think of the pedestrianisation of Norwich city centre?”

Very few people got it and Joanna had a perplexed look upon her face but it made me chuckle.

Your favourite gig heckles?


@ Zach Hill - “play one the drummer knows”


“Which one are you?” @ Iron and Wine.


think it’s really rude to heckle and don’t appreciate it personally.


but I like that drummer one!


Play some slayer! at a slayer gig. Rip


When neil young played some festival and just played his latest album at the time in full

Someone heckled “play something we’ve heard before”

So he played it again. …In full.


Natty at Thekla. Rubbish, rubbish gig. Total arsehole. Kept going on about how he’d come up with the tunes he was about to play (invariably involved smoking the 'oly ‘erb and tinkin’ about peace and love). After one tune some woman shouted out “WHAT’S THE STORY BEHIND THIS ONE, NATTY?”, to some titters. He of course took the question completely straight and proceeded on some incredible self satisfied ramble about meditating and making love and just generally taking it easy and the problems of the “PlayStation generation”. The room was completely underwhelmed. Leaned forward to tune guitar, smiled to himself and went “so I hope that answers your question”. After a slight pause she just went “…YEAH…” to a big laugh as the band rolled into another douchey reggae number.

Tldr Natty is insufferable; essentially heckles self


Someone has told a brilliantly simple one on here before. Can’t remember the band, but the lead singer announces “We’ve got time for two more songs,” filled immediately by a call from the crowd of “ONE MORE SONG!”


So he’s an arsehole because he talks about where his music comes from?


Reckon Natty saying “Playstation generation” sounded absolutely class tbh.


Can I nominate myself?


Did that actually happen though?

I know back when he released one of the ones following harvest he played that through twice in one gig for shabs n bants but hadn’t heard of him doing that lately.


I think I know what this one is going to be don’t I? :smiley:


Old one copied from a guardian article

"At a U2 concert in Glasgow, Bono asks the audience for some quiet. Then in the silence, he starts to slowly clap his hands. Holding the audience in total silence, he says into the microphone, ‘Every time I clap my hands, a child in Africa dies.’ A voice from near the front pierces the silence: ‘Well, stop clapping your fucking hands then!’ "



(There was a back story wasn’t there?)


I saw you two guys earlier at the Good Humor truck, and you were eating your ice cream like little boys, and I thought, ‘Those guys aren’t so tough! They’re eating ice cream.’ I saw you eating an ice-cream cone, pal… You’re bad now, but I saw you… That’s the shit you can’t hide. You eat ice cream; everybody knows it. Ice-cream-eating motherfucker, that’s what you are.



Johnny Foreigner Vs @colon_closed_bracket


Heckless for some light ‘banter’ between songs = fine. Heckless which are mean/trying throw someone off I have no time for. Just because you aren’t enjoying the gig does not mean others aren’t.

Some people probably like Nattys simplistic take on life, love, and politics and even if they don’t no harm done. Often the talking between songs bit is done to kill time while re-tunning and is pretty much the norm at most singer/songwriter or acoustic gigs


Quite enjoyed shouting “you are scientists” at We Are Scientists.