Best gig heckles


Not really a heckle, but…

Wilco at End of the Road, a song ends in a glorious mess of Nels Cline wigging out on guitar.
Voice from crowd: You’re just too fucking good!
Jeff Tweedy: aw, thanks
Second voice from crowd: He wasn’t talking to you!


I played a cover of I Will Survive on the acoustic guitar at my oldest brother’s wedding in an impromptu moment (they’re now divorced). Didn’t give a second thought to the choice of song until my other brother, in tears laughing, asked why the fuck I did that.




I miss going to any given gig in Manchester and at some point hearing YEEEEAHH from dis stalwart and famous voice actor moousee.

Someone was once being really loud during at a xiuxiu gig and i told them to shut up and it turned out it was someone off here.


Not a heckle as such, but moderately amusing. I went to see Sivu at Hackney Oslo. He went off stage after his main set for the normal encore clappy bit, but an annoying drunk girl then walked on stage and then started dancing and trying to get the crowd to cheer for her, but instead everyone just started booing her - maybe for a minute or sos. She eventually went off stage and the crowd started clapping for an encore again (and for the fact that she had got off the stage). Sivu then came back out shortly afterwards, looking very confused as to why everybody had been booing instead of clapping for the past minute.



Apparently derived from a Jimmy Carr joke:

Wish it was true though.


Edwyn Collins at ATP 2010.

It was one of the early gigs he’d played post recovery. He’d come along, but his band hadn’t. They’d arranged for Teenage Fanclub to be his backing group (which was a pretty phenomenal situation).

After a few songs, Edwyn’s ready for the next. The band take a while to retune guitars and things.

Edwyn, totally deadpan, looks at the audience, tuts, and says ‘fucking amateurs’.


true but its a story from one of his biogs - i wasn’t there

did we have to be AT the gig to tell the tale?


Annoyingly cant remember which punk band, at Cavern Exeter, were playing with a naked bass player, his bass covering his bits, but when he turned round there was a totally bare cracker.

At one point the singer said “those lights are really bright, can you turn them down please?”

Someone shouted “its the reflection off his arse!”



I’ve heard that several times at various gigs…


“get on with it you ginger c**t” @ queens of the stone age - reading festival 2008


Reminds me a band I saw years ago, who were the first band on. They instructed the audience to boo after each song, no clapping. Just for the fun of seeing the confused looks on the faces of latecomers.


I’ve met him a couple times, Edwyn Collins. We have a mutual friend and all often go to see Subway Sect when they play in London. He’s absolutely one of THE nicest people.


One that didn’t happen. At War on Drugs at the Albert Hall, Manchester, the singer was rambling on between songs (in that annoying faux Dylan voice he has) about how this venue was across the road from the Free Trade Hall (true) where Bob went ‘electric’ back in 66. He left a few seconds after this, and I can’t believe either myself (I was drunk enough) or someone else didn’t shout: ‘JUDAS!’


I may have been waiting for an opportunity to use it myself :no_mouth:


Never heard a funny one.


One of my favourites was during Angel Olsen at Barts on the Sunday of Primavera a few years ago.

Inbetween songs she was talking about how great it was to be there playing, and she couldnt tell whether she was imagining it all, or whether it was real. To which someone just shouted out “Not real”.


Was at a Walkmen gig once. About 3/4 of the way through they banged out The Rat. Everyone went fucking mental. Died down a bit after and then someone went “PLAY SOMETHING WE KNOW!”

Imagine that’s been rolled out a fair few times but it was delivered well at the time and in the circumstances and that’s all you can ask for basically.


It isn’t a good heckle by any means but made me laugh.

Was at Green Man watching Neutral Milk Hotel during their headline slot. After an acoustic number ended there was a quiet few moments between songs during which some random guy’s voice erupted with “SLIIIIPKNOTTT” for no reason at all