Best home routine for relieving stress?

Think i’ve nailed it.

  • Cup of tea
  • Hot shower
  • Several Shades of Why by J Mascis
  • Smash, beans and cheese
  • Youtube some 90s Serie A highlights

I’ve never covered my body in anything, moisturiser or otherwise. Used to get a bit of dry skin on the toes, though, and rubbing a bit of cream inbetween the toes is weirdly satisfying and relaxing.

Agh I don’t think I do anything but I don’t seem to get stressed except for major moments and I think that’s baaadd.

Good food
Good music (or a good film)
Cuddles with the cat

Copious amounts of booze

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yank ya plank

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why’s that bad? cuz you only get stressed when it matters? :thinking:


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Cuddle my cat


If I’m stressdd it tends to be because I’m really behind on work so anything I do to releive the stress other than getting the work done really just compounds the issue, but of course I’ll still happily choose all those procrastination methods whilst vehemently denying to myself that it’ll only make it worse.

Other stresses are usually addressed by being busy with toddler activities especially if I can do some painting or colouring.

A good long cycle ride, somewhere off road with no motor traffic, where I can just pedal away, get my heart racing with the effort of exercise and concentrate on that one simple task, not thinking about anything else.

  • Make sure my to-do list is done before I leave work.
  • Wine
  • Quavers

Making lists about pop stars.

“Best home routine”

You must be doing poor Clive’s head in cycling round the front room.

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depends on the stress. playing drums is good. videogames is good.
Hiding under a duvet watching TV is good.

Getting away from Clive is sometimes the best thing for my stress levels…

Tidy the place.
New sheets, clear out some drawers, hoover etc.
Feel much less anxious when I’m not staring at piles of clothes, kids toys and dishes

Go out in the garden, listen to the birds.

Ha! No obviously booze is the answer.

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